North London Osteopathy Clinic now providing IDD Therapy disc treatment

Osteopaths Nicola McLennan and James Sabala
Osteopaths Nicola McLennan and James Sabala

Located in Hendon, North West London, Nicola McLennan and Associates is an experienced osteopathy clinic now providing IDD Therapy disc treatment.

Clinic Director Nicola first took notice of IDD Therapy when one of her patients who was due to have surgery for a long term herniated disc problem opted to have IDD Therapy “as a last resort”.

Such was the turnaround in her patient’s condition that Nicola saw the potential for many of her other ‘slipped’ disc and sciatica patients and not just those with imminent surgery appointments.

Nicola says “The mechanisms of IDD Therapy share many of the same objectives of osteopathy, including joint articulation and mobilisation.  Whilst IDD Therapy does not replicate what I can do with manual therapy techniques, neither can I replicate with my hands what the mechanical application of IDD Therapy can achieve.  IDD Therapy simply gives us a tool to help achieve more for our patients.”

James Sabala is an osteopath who has been using IDD Therapy with Nicola:

“I am passionate about osteopathy and IDD fits with my overall philosophy of how I want to treat my patients.  When I first heard about IDD, the treatment held appeal because of some of the work I have done with horses where a degree of controlled physicality needed to help with spine issues.

Nicola and James with the SPINA machine
Nicola and James with their SDS SPINA

Since starting, we have seen some excellent improvements in both pain and mobility of patients who we would usually consider referring elsewhere.”

Nicola McLennan has been an osteopath for 14 years and has built up a very loyal following:

“IDD Therapy is an exciting development in spine care.  It gives my team and I a treatment tool which offers greater treatment capabilities for patients with disc problems in particular, without resorting to invasive treatments.”

The clinic works closely with local physiotherapists, GPs and consultants.  Located within North West London Physiotherapy, the clinic has easy access, plenty of free parking and is 5 minutes from Hendon train station.

If you are suffering with a disc problem or nerve pain or you are a practitioner wishing to refer patients, please contact the clinic on 07957 976865 or visit:

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