Second Accu-SPINA for Bury Chiropractic – Expanding IDD Therapy

Last weekend we installed the second IDD machine for Bury Chiropractic.
Led by Alicia Leontieff and Wendy Davis, the clinic in Lancashire north of Manchester got their first Accu-SPINA just before the pandemic.
Its fair to say they have done a great job on the back of inspiring outcomes.   

Originally in room one, the plan was to knock down the partition wall (behind the group shown) to create space for two machines by spinning the machines round. 
This was my drawing.  So machine on the left with computer mount on the right and the original machine on the right (with computer on the left).  

But with the IDD programme growing and the probable need for a third machine, they decided to leave the existing room and go straight to their larger room.

Light and airy space

Patients remain fully clothed and privacy is not an issue or complaint in any of the clinics with multiple machines. 

Crate with the Accu-SPINA ready for delivery
And the end result is smiles all round.   I didn’t ask the team to jump but this is what excitement does to people!   

When Alicia and Wendy started with IDD, they did not know the potential.    

They knew that some patients needed more than chiropractic, they knew the outcomes from other clinics and they wanted to help patients avoid injections and surgery wherever possible.

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