Low Back Pain: How IDD Therapy Disc Treatment helps to relieve low back pain.
Back pain affects nearly everyone at some point during their life.  Whilst most back pain resolves itself or with a short course of treatment, for some people back pain can become an unwelcome companion.
IDD Therapy is the non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for people suffering with chronic back pain and neck pain.  
Herniated Disc pre IDD Therapy treatment
Treatment works by gently distracting and mobilising targeted spinal segments using a series of carefully controlled pulling forces which we call distraction forces. 
The distraction helps to improve mobility in the painful area and this is important for healing.  
It also helps relieve pressure on structures such as the intervertebral disc, spinal nerves and the joints of the vertebrae themselves, which can be causing pain.
The goal of treatment is to address the causes of pain.
Every aspect of the treatment is recorded and this enables clinicians to accurately monitor progress and adjust treatment appropriately, as (part of a commitment to evidence-based medicine.
                          Early Symptomatic Relief                                     Longer treatment for difficult condition
A key benefit of IDD Therapy is the ability to adjust and focus distraction forces to a targeted level of the spine.  This is achieved using precisely measured angles which are adjusted depening on the level of the spine being treated.  
 Distracting vertebrae
Once set the patient relaxes and is ready for treatment.
As with all treatments, patient safety is paramount and IDD treatment has many safety features for complete peace of mind.
Treatment on the SPINA machine lasts for approximately 25 minutes, during which time there are 13 minutes when the joint is fully distracted.  Unique to IDD
Therapy is a patented oscillation capability which gently mobilises the joint at the point of maximum joint distraction.
As well as comfort, the oscillation enables patients to adapt to higher pulling forces whilst remaining completely relaxed for the duration of treatment. (some patients actually go to sleep during treatment!)
IDD Therapy is a tool used as part of a complete programme of care. As treatments progress and pain is relieved, patients are shown simple exercises to help condition the body and are advised on lifestyle changes to help get the most from the treatment and achieve lasting pain relief.
The number of treatments you require will vary depending on the nature of your condition. Some patients can experience relief within a few treatments, whilst other
patients require a course of treatments to give the body time to adapt to changes, heal and strengthen.  


IDD Therapy treatment is suitable for people of all ages.  If you are suffering with low back pain or neck pain, visit your nearest approved IDD Therapy Disc Clinic to find out more or to discuss your suitability for treatment.