Neck Pain: How IDD Therapy spinal decompression helps to relieve neck pain.
Neck pain affects thousands of people every year and yet treatment options for neck pain are somewhat limited in comparison to back pain.

Manual therapists use a variety of techniques to treat neck pain but when these standard treatments fail to produce adequate results, the treatment options are very limited.

Cervical Disc Herniation TreatmentIntervertebral Differential Dynamics, or IDD Therapy is a safe and precise non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for neck pain and conditions related to disc problems in the cervical spine.
IDD Therapy is well known as a treatment for herniated or prolapsed discs, sometimes referred to as a slipped disc and is commonly used to treat herniated discs in the neck.
Delivered by SPINA decompression devices IDD Therapy uses advanced computer technology to gently distract segments of the cervical spine at precisely measured angles.
All aspects of the treatment are recorded as part of a commitment to evidence-based medicine and each treatment lasts for a full 25 minutes, during which time the vertebrae in the neck are gently distracted in 13 controlled cycles.
During clinician training at first IDD Therapy clinic in Israel, a patient describes her 20 year neck pain problem and life-changing experience of treatment.

 When treating the neck, accuracy and safety are essential and IDD Therapy treatment includes many safety features including a patient safety switch which allows them to have control of the treatment at all times.
Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment Accu SPINA                Cervical Disc Herniation Treatment
Active tracking enables clinicians to monitor treatment and modify settings in response to patient needs.
The number of treatments required will vary depending on the nature of your condition. Some patients can experience symptomatic relief within a few treatments, whilst others may require a series of treatments to enable the body to adapt to change and properly heal.
If you are suffering with neck pain, ask your IDD Therapy provider about your treatment options.