SDS SPINA & Accu SPINA for IDD Therapy
In the late 1990s and early 2000s the technology developed which enabled clinicians to distract and mobilise targeted spinal segments in a precise, controlled manner not possible with traditional traction or with manual therapy techniques.
The Accu SPINA and SDS SPINA are CE and FDA cleared Class II medical devices, licenced to deliver IDD Therapy spinal decompression. 
SDS SPINA machine
With advanced computer-control, a patented oscillation capability, multi-parameter research capability and more, the SPINA machines are at the forefront of non-invasive spinal care.
Accu SPINA Sheffield Physio          
This video gives a short demonstration of the treatment software and machine overview.
What the SDS SPINA & Accu SPINA can do for your chronic disc patients

§  Distracts targeted spinal segments safely and precisely
§  Proven to open intervertebral disc space from between 5 and 7mm  
§  Unique oscillation feature mobilises joint at point of maximum distraction

§  Sinusoidal waveform instead of linear traction pull reduces risk of spasm

§  Computer-controlled slow and consistent stretch
§  Patient data tracking plus Oswestry Disability Index & Visual Analogue Scale

§  Advanced ergonomic harnesses for patient safety and comfort
§  Machine tilts to allow comfortable upright boarding
But can’t you do all this with manual therapy?
Manual therapy and exercise will resolve the majority of back pain and neck pain.  However, in order to decompress spinal segments a force equivalent to half the patient’s body weight is required.  This short video shows that for the application of controlled forces at precise points for 25 minutes, it is simply not possible to achieve the same effect with the hands alone.
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