IDD Therapy Spinal Deompression: A paradigm shift in non-invasive spinal care.

IDD Therapy is the non-invasive spinal decompression treatment which is a true paradigm shift in non-invasive spinal care.
The therapeutic objectives of IDD Therapy are not new to clinicians and there is nothing complicated about the treatment, however what is ‘new’ is the use and application of technology to achieve a set of treatment objectives. 
Releasing muscle spasm, distracting joints and applying mobilisation to improve flexibility are ideas which have not fallen from the sky.  Neither is the notion of creating a platform for exercise and strengthening to support a joint through a range of motion.  
When something doesn’t work, it is easy to dismiss it as being ineffective.  This is what happened with traction.  What the engineers and medical team who developed IDD Therapy did differently was to say, ok, traction doesn’t work, so if our goal is to decompress a specific injured disc, what do we need to differently to achieve that and how can we use technology?
Intervertebral discs rely on movement and pressure differentials for hydration and nutritional pathways. Compression is the number one enemy of the intervertebral disc and that is why “decompression” has always been appealing and why releasing pain to allow movement in the vertebral joints is a key objective of any spinal treatment.
Traction in one form or another has been around for centuries but the technology and knowledge of the spine has only taken off in the last 20 years to enable the treatment to evolve.
Opening targeted spinal segments to create negative pressure is what separates IDD Therapy spinal decompression from traditional traction.
IDD Therapy is not a cure-all, but it is a highly-effective treatment tool which when used as part of a complete programme of care, offers clinicians the opportunity to tackle back pain, neck pain and in particular disc-related conditions in a manner previously not possible.
Hence rather than a brand new revolution, IDD Therapy treatment is a true paradigm shift in non-invasive spinal care.
We hope that in these pages you will get a good understanding of how IDD Therapy can help your patients.
Now and in the future we see the IDD Therapy spinal decompression programme as a key cost-effective resource to tackle both back pain itself and the ever-increasing costs of chronic back pain to society and health care.

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