Steadfast Clinics are the international distributors of IDD Therapy Disc Treatment and the IDD Therapy-licenced Accu SPINA and SDS SPINA medical devices.

The word ‘passion’ can be an over used cliché, but it’s fair to say here at Steadfast we are extremely passionate about improving non-invasive spinal care. 
IDD Therapy was originally developed in North America in response to a need to do more for back pain and neck pain sufferers, in particular disc-related conditions.
With any new back pain treatment, there is always a credibility gap until trust builds.  
The initial perception of many clinicians was that IDD Therapy was just traction and since traction doesn’t work, why should anyone be interested in IDD Therapy!  IDD Therapy was developed in part to address the failings of traditional traction whilst taking account of the objectives and natural limitations of manual therapy.
The first IDD Therapy clinic we visited was running from 7 in the morning until 11 o’clock at night.  The staff and patients were delighted with outcomes and whilst it has taken some time, we have persisted to establish IDD Therapy so that it is emerging at the forefront of conservative spinal care.
So when we talk about passion, we mean it.  When you know what a treatment can do and all around people are struggling with back pain (patients and clinicians), it builds a drive and dedication which is uncommon in many companies.
Steadfast Clinics works very closely with the IDD Therapy treatment providers.  We work continuously to help them optimise every aspect of treatment for the best interest of their patients.
Our biggest source of knowledge is the clinics themselves who have developed new knowledge and insights from treating hundreds even thousands of patients with IDD Therapy.  Such coordination of information from a group of forward-thinking clinicians at the forefront of spinal rehabilitation is invaluable.
Our slogan is the essence of the relationship we have with clinics:
Your Success is Our Success is Your Success.
We work to help clinics be successful and our success only comes when clinics are successful in treating their patients.  As our success grows, then we can do more to further support clinics to further reinforce their success.
We also distribute a number of other products which complement IDD Therapy, notably Thermedic FAR infrared therapy systems.
For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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