Second Accu-SPINA for Bury Chiropractic – Expanding IDD Therapy

Last weekend we installed the second IDD machine for Bury Chiropractic.

Led by Alicia Leontieff and Wendy Davis, the clinic in Lancashire north of Manchester got their first Accu-SPINA just before the pandemic.

Its fair to say they have done a great job on the back of inspiring outcomes.   

Originally in room one, the plan was to knock down the partition wall (behind the group shown) to create space for two machines by spinning the machines round. 

Now in Norwich – IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression at Norwich Spinal Health

When clinic director Neil Folker suffered a disc prolapse, he was told he would need surgery. 

Neil provides IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression To A Patient

Reluctant to face the risks and inconveniences of surgery, he travelled to a clinic providing IDD Therapy and underwent a course of treatment.

Gareth using the Accu-SPINA to prepare patient for IDD

With a well established and successful chiropractic clinic in Norwich,

How much does a pain management injection cost?

How much does a pain management injection cost? The answer of course is ‘it depends’. What type of injection, which joint, which hospital, which country.  

But for facet joint and epidural injections, combining the consultation, scan and injection, this add up to a sizeable cost where one of the goals is simply to create a window of pain relief for rehab.