Is IDD Therapy really changing spine care? Really?? Stephen Small discusses (short video included).

There has been no hype surrounding the emergence of IDD Therapy.  No fireworks, no huge cocktail parties at prestigious academic institutions.  Just a quiet, steady growth as more clinics adopt the treatment and join the Disc Clinic network.

In this video I talk about changing spine care and where IDD Therapy fits.

There are miracles and revolutions published every week in certain national newspapers.

Edinburgh back pain clinic launches IDD Therapy – Move Freely Sports + Spine

Edinburghians are you moving freely?  Well if you aren’t and a spinal disc issue or back pain is restricting your life, the latest clinic to become an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic is on hand to help you.

Move Freely Sports + Spine is located in the heart of the city.  Clinical team Daniel Cassells and Lorenz Clausen have been treating back pain and neck pain for many years.

IDD Therapy Treatment Prices

In private clinics, IDD Therapy treatment is provided by physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics.  Treatment is typically charged as a one hour session at a rate equivalent to or less than two half hour manual therapy treatments.

In the UK, the price of each IDD Therapy session is £70 to £75 depending on the treatment programme.