Step by Step Video of an IDD Therapy Treatment at Sports & Spinal Physio, Brentwood UK

Sports & Spinal Physio is a well established physiotherapy clinic in Brentwood, Essex. In this video, Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinic Director Dan Smith takes patients through the complete experience of a typical IDD Therapy treatment.

There are several stages of IDD Therapy and each treatment lasts up to one hour.

IDD Therapy was developed in part to address the failings of traditional mechanical traction. There are similarities, however the precision, controlling forces and duration of treatment set IDD Therapy apart, enabling practitioners to simultaneously decompress and mobilise targeted spinal segments.

Sports & Spinal Physio began providing IDD Therapy in October 2013 and enjoyed some fantastic successes for patients who previously had failed to find resolution for their pain.

In fact, in a clinical audit of his outcomes Dan Smith found that 85.71% of patients who completed a course of IDD Therapy had a statistically significant improvement in their disability score (Oswestry Disability Index) as well as reduction in pain. All the patients had previously undergone manual therapy and received spinal injections without improvement.

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About the Author:Stephen Small