Manchester Orthopaedic Surgeon Introduces IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

Spine Care ClinicOrthopaedic surgeon Mr Bahman Shooshtarizadeh (Mr Shoo) has recently set up an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic within the physiotherapy department at his prestigious Spine Care Clinics (inside the Bridgewater Wellness Clinic) just south of Manchester’s city centre.

Mr Shoo has been an IDD supporter for some years, having followed the treatment’s development in the UK and seen the outcomes achieved with the programme by other IDD providers across the country.

“As a surgeon, I’m always looking to take the most minimally-invasive route for my back pain patients whilst at the same time, getting them as much relief and mobility as possible.

When it comes to disc problems, the IDD Therapy programme is ideal because it can do more for patients than manual therapy and injections but it is completely non-invasive.”

Spine Care TEam
Spine Care IDD Team & trainer, Sally Lansdale

Mr Shoo’s new AccuSPINA is settling in nicely at the purpose built clinic.

“The AccuSPINA is not just a very impressive-looking piece of medical equipment: it does an exceptional job for a large percentage of patients with herniated (‘slipped’) discs and sciatica; conditions which have remained unresolved for months and even years in some cases.

It’s a fantastic tool for us to have in our back pain services and I’m excited to see the results we can achieve. ”


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