Crippling back pain saw me carried into the clinic … After IDD Therapy I walked out by myself

44 year old flooring expert Alex Robinson thought he might never work again when he was struck with excruciating back pain.

“As a floor layer, I’m often kneeling over in the same position for hours at a time.  At first the episodes were a bit ‘hit and miss’ but last summer I had three weeks of complete agony which ended with me flat on my back and unable to work.”

Alex had tried various manual treatments over the years but none gave him any lasting improvement.

Step by Step Video of an IDD Therapy Treatment at Sports & Spinal Physio, Brentwood UK

Sports & Spinal Physio is a well established physiotherapy clinic in Brentwood, Essex. In this video, Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinic Director Dan Smith takes patients through the complete experience of a typical IDD Therapy treatment.

There are several stages of IDD Therapy and each treatment lasts up to one hour.