Physiotherapy Clinic Croydon – Lisa’s heart warming video thank you for IDD Therapy at Back In Shape

The genuine gratitude expressed by back pain sufferer Lisa is incredibly touching.  Before IDD Therapy at Back In Shape Croydon, Lisa describes how people could barely understand her because she was taking so much medication to cope with her pain.

Back In Shape is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Croydon owned by Anthony and Karen Padgett.

The thank you sent by Lisa illustrates what we know about the clinic already, that Anthony, Karen and the team are utterly committed to their patients.  They take the wellbeing of their patients extremely personally and go with their patients on their journey of recovery.


Anthony (pictured left) says:

“Like all of the physiotherapists using IDD Therapy now, being able to help patients like Lisa who are in so much pain is immensely satisfying.  Chronic back pain can be very challenging.  When patients are in pain and as a clinician you can’t help them, it is extremely frustrating. IDD Therapy enables us to do more for patients like Lisa who previously we just wouldn’t be able to help.  We are grateful to her for the confidence she puts in us.”

Karen says:


“We have a large pilates studio and we see a lot of patients with back pain.  The patients we now have coming to the clinic for IDD Therapy have often tried every type of manual therapy.  The IDD Therapy gets patients started on the road to recovery.  The “road to recovery” implies that pain relief is a journey, and it is.  

As patients progress with the programme and pain subsides, we focus on gentle corrective exercises because our eye is on the long term.  When we consider how much pain Lisa was in for so long, it is remarkable to see how dramatically she has progressed.”

Back in Shape is a physiotherapy Clinic in Croydon.  For more information about treatments or to arrange a consultation, call the clinic on 020 8655 1664 or visit:

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