Joyful story from back pain sufferer Ben in Nigeria after his IDD Therapy at Astella Physiotherapy Clinic

IDD Therapy Nigeria – Heart warming story from Ben who could barely walk before he underwent a programme of IDD Therapy Disc Treatment at Astella Physiotherapy Clinic with Chike Chuka.

It brings real joy to see when someone struggling with back pain gets relief from their debilitating condition.

Chike Chuka who is the clinic director of Astella Physiotherapy Clinic in Enugu says:

“Seeing people like Ben make a breakthrough gives me immense professional satisfaction and motivates me to want to help more people.  In physiotherapy we do our very best for patients. Sometimes we are frustrated because for a long time, there has been a point where we just can’t make progress for people.  With the IDD Therapy at the clinic, we can do so much more for patients with difficult back and neck conditions.  We bring the pain down, we help people with movement and from there we can look at all the factors driving the condition in the first place.”

Nigeria lr - Chike Chuka training

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Tel: Nigeria 0809 803 4000 / 0809 803 7000

Astella Physiotherapy Clinics - Enugu, Nigeria
Astella Physiotherapy Clinics – Enugu, Nigeria

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