Herniated disc and unable to walk after squash game – how this 33 year old got his life back with IDD Therapy at Spinex Disc Clinic

There are many ways to injure a spinal disc.  Hear how this 33 year old couldn’t walk for a week and a half after a squash injury left him with a herniated disc.

After a course of IDD Therapy at Spinex Disc Clinic in London, his life is transformed and he can sleep again.

Spinex Disc Clinic, as the name suggests, specialises in treating spinal disc problems – herniated/ prolapsed, bulging and degenerative discs and related conditions like sciatica.

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Clinic Director of Spinex Disc Clinic Sally Lansdale has featured in the national press including the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Express.  Sally says:

“As an osteopath for over 25 years, the results we can achieve with IDD Therapy inspire us every day.  I came across IDD Therapy because my own back pain was having a very negative impact on my work as an osteopath and despite the best efforts of colleagues, my condition simply wasn’t improving.

IDD Therapy gave me my life back.  IDD also gave me my mission in life, namely  to help as many people as I can who, like me, perhaps felt that there wasn’t more that could be done for them.”

As one of the first practitioners in the UK to provide IDD Therapy, Sally is highly experienced and now acts as a trainer to clinics who join the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic network.

Back pain and neck pain have many components because the spine is complex structure of bone and soft tissues which work as a unit.

Thus a “disc problem” is just one aspect of a complex problem involving a number of joints, muscles and ligaments.  IDD Therapy decompresses the spinal disc (intervertebral disc) and gently mobilises targeted spinal segments to help improve movement in the joint.

Vertebrae distractionidd therapy 25 minute treatment graphic

When pain occurs, movement in the spinal segment may be restricted.  As soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments move less, they can become weaker and less flexible.  Or where there is muscle spasm the muscles in the back contract and tighten, thus preventing movement.

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

This lack of spinal movement is detrimental to the health of the disc and impairs the function of the spinal segments.  The 25 minutes of gentle stretching and mobilisation as part of the IDD Therapy treatment helps to address the lack of spinal mobility by improving movement which in turn aims to provides the optimum environment to support the disc.

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