Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants – Latest IDD Therapy Disc Clinic in Essex

Neil Velleman with Accu Spina
Neil Velleman with new Accu SPINA machine

For chronic back pain sufferers in Essex, there is good news as another leading physiotherapy clinic joins the ranks of IDD Therapy treatment providers.

Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants (formerly Elaine Atkins Physiotherapy) is based in Woodford, Essex, just off the main north circular road in London.

Neil Velleman tries out the Accu SPINA. Having an upright bed is important for patients as they finish treatment and gently go back to load bearing

Charter Physiotherapist Neil Velleman says:

In the past, slipped disc patients often had to consider invasive options if manual treatments couldn’t get them better.  Now with IDD Therapy, these patients have a very good chance of becoming pain-free“.

Neil Velleman on table with Accu SPINA
The treatment bed tilts upright to help patients as they finish treatment, return to load bearing safely.

Like many physiotherapy clinics, Atkins Physiotherapy used to have a traditional traction machine but as can be seen, the addition of IDD Therapy to the clinic is having a transformational effect on what the physio team can now offer their patients.

For more details about IDD Therapy disc treatment at Atkins Physiotherapy, call 020 8504 0478 or visit 

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