Edinburgh back pain clinic launches IDD Therapy – Move Freely Sports + Spine

Edinburghians are you moving freely?  Well if you aren’t and a spinal disc issue or back pain is restricting your life, the latest clinic to become an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic is on hand to help you.

Move Freely Sports + Spine is located in the heart of the city.  Clinical team Daniel Cassells and Lorenz Clausen have been treating back pain and neck pain for many years. But when it comes to unresolved “slipped”, bulging or herniated discs, like many manual therapists and rehab experts, they were frustrated in their efforts.

In April 2018 Move Freely expanded the clinic to provide IDD Therapy Disc Treatment programmes, and this also meant they could make their sports rehab gym bigger and better too.

Daniel Cassells preparing a patient for IDD Therapy treatment.

Daniel says: “We use a range of treatments and technologies to help people with spinal issues.  With IDD Therapy we have something which lets us precisely target and treat the affected disc and spinal segments without having to refer people to consultants or for pain management.

There will always be some patients who do need surgery, but our goal is to ensure that every patient has the opportunity to get better and to get the most out of life.”

The clinic offers a free initial consultation where patients can get an understanding of whether IDD Therapy is likely to be suitable or if other treatments are more appropriate.

Physiotherapist Lorenz Clausen

Lorenz says: “Many patients can end up on a vicious cycle of pain and immobility leading to a reliance on pain medication, possibly spinal injections and in some cases surgery. It is important to use non-invasive means to help patients wherever we can and IDD Therapy gives physiotherapists the opportunity to do more for these patients and help them out of pain using conservative means”

The team have already enjoyed some excellent outcomes already and it is exciting to see them join other Scottish clinics who are helping to change spine care.

For information or to book a consultation, call 0131 557 4404

Move Freely Sports & Spinal, 9 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6NB

About the Author:Stephen Small