Edinburgh Back Pain Clinic Helps Gail Avoid Neck Surgery with IDD Therapy

Here’s an inspiring story from Edinburgh.  Thanks to Gail for sharing and for the great work carried out by Daniel, Lorenz and the team at Move Freely Sports + Spine.

We think BUPA might like to thank Gail also, because after two years of neck pain, BUPA was willing to pay for neck surgery,

Edinburgh back pain clinic launches IDD Therapy – Move Freely Sports + Spine

Edinburghians are you moving freely?  Well if you aren’t and a spinal disc issue or back pain is restricting your life, the latest clinic to become an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic is on hand to help you.

Move Freely Sports + Spine is located in the heart of the city.  Clinical team Daniel Cassells and Lorenz Clausen have been treating back pain and neck pain for many years.

Back pain clinic Glasgow – video shows a lady barely able to walk now walking freely after IDD Therapy at The Buckingham Clinic

Back Pain Clinic Glasgow – Gary Kennedy from the Buckingham Clinic Glasgow captured the dramatic transformation of a patient who for a long time had been barely able to walk due to back pain.

The Buckingham Clinic in Glasgow is the leading IDD Therapy treatment provider in the UK.  Many patients who have given up hope of being able to move without pain discover that all is not lost.