Essex physiotherapist helps slipped disc sufferer avoid surgery with IDD Therapy

38 year old scaffolder, Scott Bryan suffered with excruciating sciatica (leg pain) for months as a result of a herniated (‘slipped’) disc.  At the height of his pain, he was unable to work, sleep or enjoy any family activities.

Physiotherapist Dan Smith with  happy patient ,Scott

After osteopathy and acupuncture failed to help him, a spine consultant suggested surgery – with the usual four month wait for an operation.

Meanwhile, Scott was helped back to health with a programme of IDDTherapy at Sports & Spinal Physio in Brentwood, Essex. The clinic is part of a UK network of  IDD Therapy Spine Centres providing the targeted disc treatment to back and neck pain sufferers.

Since the treatment programme Scott’s pain has drastically reduced and he’s able to walk, drive and sleep properly again.

“Best of all, I’ve just had a great Easter break with my family and been able to play footie with the boys again.  It’s really not an exaggeration to say that IDD Therapy has changed my life completely. ” 

Read Scott’s story by clicking below:

Sports & Spinal Physio IDD Therapy success story 

The clinic’s Director, physiotherapist Dan Smith is a back and neck pain expert who works closely with local GPs and pain consultants. 

Sports and Spinal Physio is a leading back pain and sports injury clinic in Brentwood, Essex.
You can reach the team at: 01277 219553

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