Slipped disc sufferer is finally out of pain thanks to IDD Therapy

Steve Pardoe thought his days working in security may be numbered when the debilitating back pain he was suffering with became difficult to bear.

43 year old Steve says:

 “My problems began around 2006 when I twisted awkwardly during a game of football. For years afterwards, I suffered with sporadic episodes of lower back pain which gradually became more frequent and severe. 

Last summer I was getting about 15 jolts of agonising pain a day when I tried to do the simplest of things – like getting up from a chair or bending to pick something up. I also had a constant grinding pain (sciatica) travelling down both legs from my thighs to my calves. 

In my line of work, I’m often required to act spontaneously, giving chase – wearing restrictive clothing and sometimes carrying heavy equipment. When my pain was at its worst, I found the dynamic aspects of my job challenging to say the least!

My family life suffered too – I wasn’t able to enjoy outdoor activites with my wife and son and they were worried that I might never get ‘back to normal’.”

In addition to daily painkillers, Steve had tried several manual treatments over the years: “I had some physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy but none of the treatments made any real improvement.

“At the beginning of this year the pain and lack of mobility became unbearable and my GP referred me to a back pain specialist.  I didn’t really want to resort to spinal injections, but at his point I felt I had no choice.

Shortly after that, my mum happened to see an advert for IDD Therapy at Sports and Spinal Physio in Brentwood.

“I decided I had nothing to lose so I rang and booked an IDD assessment with the clinic director, Dan Smith.”

After reviewing his latest MRI report, Dan could see that Steve’s back pain and leg pain was being caused by Degenerative Disc Disease – with a prolapsed disc pressing on some nerves. He felt Steve was an ideal candidate for the IDD Therapy programme.

“I can’t explain to you how relieved I felt to hear Dan say that here was hope for me – I was keen to start the treatment programme as soon as possible.  Dan explained that I would need a series of treatments – but I actually felt some relief after the very first session.”

Steve completed his treatment programme in June this year and is now pain-free and leading a normal active life again.

“IDD Therapy has really helped me – I’m free of pain now so I’m back to full capacity at work, I’m at the gym a couple of times a week and I’m playing football with my son again.

I recommended it to my mother-in-law and she’s had a successful course of treatment too. I feel like I want to shout about IDD Therapy to everyone…it really does work.”

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