IDD Therapy clinical feature in Spinal Surgery News – Sheffield Physio John Wood’s findings

The Autumn edition of Spinal Surgery News features Sheffield Physiotherapy’s Director, John Woodexamining the physiological effects of IDD Therapy on connective tissues. 


John has been using IDD Therapy to treat his chronic disc patients at SheffieldPhysiotherapy for over three years.  His article concludes: 
Observing the clinical outcomes of my patients, the available research and the experience of other clinicians, IDD Therapy provides an assured non-invasive approach to relieving pain and returning function to those patients who have not responded to manual therapy and who wish to exhaust non-invasive options. 
From a physiotherapy viewpoint, the complex re-organisation of muscle tone and connective tissue brought about by IDD Therapy leading to improved spinal mobility,  appears to be a key driver in the clinical outcomes of this evolving treatment modality.”
The SSN journal is subscribed to by 1250 spinal surgeons; this issue was also distributed to delegates attending Eurospine 2014 in Lyon. 
Sheffield Physiotherapy is part of a network of UK IDD Therapy Disc Clinics  
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