Leicester Tigers’ Ex-President is free from 25 years of back pain after IDD Therapy

Retired businessman and Leicester Tigers Ex-President, Roy Jackson suffered with excruciating back pain for over 25 years but he’s finally back to health thanks to a programme of IDD Therapy at The Ashleigh Clinic, Leicester.

“I had spinal surgery more than 25 years ago and ever since then I’ve suffered with episodes of lower back pain and sciatica. Over the years the episodes have become more frequent until recently, when the pain was almost constant.”

Roy is also Chairman of Trustees at the Matt Hampson Foundation which raises funds to inspire and provide care for young people who have suffered catastrophic injuries

“I’ve always tried to be a very active person, at home and in my local community; for the past five years I’ve taken part in Walk4Matt in support of The Foundation’s incredible work– although because of my back pain I spent most of the time organising the walkers who follow the Grand Union Canal footpath from Rugby to Twickenham.” 
Roy tried many different manual treatments to try to ease his pain but none gave him any lasting improvement.

“You name it I had it: physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture but nothing seemed to work. I still had to take painkillers almost every day to keep going.”

Things finally began to look up when Roy spoke to Craig Mortimer, Director and Consultant Physiotherapist at The Ashleigh Clinic, Stoneygate.

“I’d known Craig for years because he’d treated many of our players at The Leicester Tigers. Earlier this year he spoke to me about IDD Therapy; he explained that he’d been getting exceptional outcomes with the treatment.”

Roy went for an IDD Therapy assessment and Craig diagnosed chronic disc degeneration in his lower back: Roy was an ideal candidate for the treatment programme.

“It’s now improved my daily life to the extent that I’m enjoying gardening again – recently it took me the best part of seven hours to cut my large lawn (a quarter of an acre).  Before IDD Therapy, I would have been in agony for the next two days but although I was tired, I had no pain whatsoever!  I now look forward to daily activities without the feeling that I’ll regret it the next day. I still have to be careful with my back but I feel far more able to enjoy an active life.”

CraigMortimer’s expertise in treating spinal conditions spans over 30 years. Aside from his work within the Leicester community, he has served as an army physiotherapist at military hospitals across the UK and with the airborne forces and has treated elite sportsmen and women including members of the Leicester Tigers and Leicester Riders.

Roy’s story was recently featured in The Leicester Mercury.  Click below to read more:

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