IDD Therapy solves ex-wrestler’s back pain agony

26 year old industrial engineer, Dominyk Mackevic suffered for years with back pain and sciatica before finally finding relief with IDD Therapy at Sheffield Physiotherapy.
“My back pain problems began ten years ago when I was a professional wrestler.  Competing at such a high level meant I was doing extensive weight training.  The episodes of pain were sporadic at first but soon became frequent and progressed to sciatic pain in both legs which was almost constant.  I couldn’t sleep without waking often and I had to take strong painkillers every day.”

Dominyk tried many different manual treatments over the years but none gave him any lasting improvement.

“I had some physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments but they didn’t really help; I still had to take the painkillers every day to keep going.  Eventually I couldn’t walk very well and I found the manual aspects of my work very difficult.  I wasn’t able to enjoy any of my sports or go to the gym either.  I couldn’t see an end to the pain and I was beginning to think I’d have to suffer like this for the rest of my life…

I really didn’t want to resort to invasive treatments so I decided to research a non-invasive targeted disc treatment called IDD Therapy which my wife had received in Lithuania some years before with excellent results.  I was relieved to see that there were clinics in the UK and I called my nearest one at Sheffield Physiotherapy.”

Sheffield Physiotherapy’s Clinical Director, JohnWood diagnosed a herniated disc in Dominyk’s lower back and was confident that the IDD Therapy treatment programme would help.  After a series of IDD treatments and a complimentary exercise programme, Dominyk is pain-free, mobile and able to enjoy normal daily life again:

“I’ve got this fantastic feeling of being given a second chance to do things I used to take for granted such as swimming, cycling, gardening and going to the gym.  Most important of all, I can get a good night’s sleep now without constantly waking with the pain. I would recommend IDD Therapy to anyone who is suffering like I did.”

Clinic Director, John Wood’s expertise in treating spinal conditions spans over 20 years.  He is delighted with his IDD patient outcomes:

“With IDD we can help to change a patient’s outlook, setting them the realistic goal of becoming pain-free and being able to get back to their normal daily activities.  We encourage specific exercises which are tailored to the progressive stages of treatment, developing the patient’s confidence in movement as both safe and constructive to their recovery.

 Anyone who has frequent episodes of back pain, neck pain or sciatica should call their nearest IDD Therapy Spine Centre to discuss their condition and treatment options.”  

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