“IDD Therapy resolved the pain caused by three bulging discs in my neck…”

27 year old cinematographer, Rachael James from South London suffered with pain and paralysis in her joints which left her unable to dress herself, type or even open a bottle of juice without difficulty.

“It started with tingling in my fingers and arms then pain in my shoulder blades and left arm and eventually, I had two permanently numb fingers on my left hand. This was soon followed by pins and needles in my leg and pain when I walked.”

Rachael saw several doctors and was tested for Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions.  She was prescribed various strong painkillers and advised to consider cortisone injections before looking towards surgery as a likely option. 

“I was devastated to hear that I might need surgery and I was desperate to find a non-invasive alternative –thankfully I discovered IDD Therapy and went along for an assessment with osteopath, Sally Lansdale.

It transpired that Rachael had three disc bulges in her neck which were putting pressure on her nerves and spinal cord: she was an ideal candidate for IDD Therapy.

“After each treatment session, my shoulder and arm pain eased a little more and midway through the programme, I regained the feeling in my fingers.”

After IDD Therapy, Rachael is virtually pain-free and has a full range of movement in her limbs.

“I only take mild painkillers very occasionally now and I feel so much happier in myself.  I feel very lucky to have found IDD Therapy and I’m so relieved that I didn’t opt for spinal surgery.“

Rachael is typical of the chronic back and neck pain patients that Sally helps with IDD Therapy at Spinex Disc Clinic in central London.  Sally began championing the treatment nearly four years ago after undergoing a programme of IDD Therapy herself for a lower back problem.
Before IDD Therapy was available in the UK, patients with ‘unresolved’ back or neck pain often ended up resorting to invasive treatments – surgery in some cases.  It’s refreshing to see the number of UK clinicians introducing the treatment at their clinics – and from a personal perspective, it’s a pleasure to be able to see my own patients getting back to their normal daily activities and enjoying their lives once again.”
Spinex DiscClinic is part of a UK network of IDD Therapy Spine Centres.  More than 21,000 IDD treatments have been carried out in the UK with clinicians reporting significant improvement in 70-90%of patients.
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