IDD Therapy gives Herefordshire slipped disc sufferer relief from pain at last

65 year old retired nurse, Margaret Vernalls from Hereford suffered with excruciating back
 pain and sciatica (leg pain) which left her unable to walk properly. She says:

“I ended up needing a stick and I couldn’t go walking with my friends anymore as it was too much for me.  I found it very difficult to do my normal daily activities and even simple things like dressing myself and standing at the sink to wash the dishes were a problem.”

After physiotherapy and chiropractic – and later, spinal injections – Margaret remained in pain and immobile.  
It transpired that she had two disc bulges in her lower back which were putting pressure on her sciatic nerve.  She finally found relief with IDD Therapy at Leominster Osteopaths.

Herefordshire’s IDD Therapy spine centre has been achieving successful outcomes with the treatment programme for the past four years.

Clinic Director Mark Roughley says:

“It’s very gratifying for us to see patients like Margaret making such an excellent improvement with IDD Therapy and being able to enjoy their lives again. I’d urge anyone suffering with persistent back pain, neck pain or related symptoms, e.g. leg pain or arm pain to consider the programme.”

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