Video – From crutches to pain free, herniated disc treatment at The Totalcare Clinic, Botley, Hampshire

Acute herniated disc treatment – hear how this patient went from crutches to pain free with IDD Therapy at The Totalcare Clinic in Botley Hampshire

Having suffered with a herniated disc brought on by a long flight, IDD Therapy has resolved this gentleman’s symptoms within 7 sessions, when manual therapy wasn’t enough and his next option was invasive treatment.

The Totalcare Clinic in Hampshire is highly experienced in treating difficult back pain and neck pain conditions.  Clearly everyone wants to be free from pain, but the resolution of symptoms does not mean that is the end of the matter.

The total care clinic new building

Pain can be caused by a number of factors.  Where there is an underlying issue, the goal is to relieve the pain and then work on those issues to ensure the problem doesn’t come back a week later.  That is a big problem with treatments which focus on symptoms.

Thus stage 1 is the relief or symptoms and stage 2 is working on and correcting any weaknesses, stresses or impairments which may lead to injury recurrence.

For more information or to see someone at The Totalcare Clinic, here are their details:

The Totalcare Clinic
92 Winchester Street
SO30 2AA

Telephone: 01489 788844

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