SpineCenterAtlanta – a model of holistic back pain treatment from manual therapy to surgery with IDD Therapy inbetween

SpineCenterAtlanta is one of the most comprehensive back and neck pain treatment centers in the state of Georgia and greater Atlanta area.

Founded by senior orthopaedic spine surgeon & CEO James L. Chappuis, MD, FACS, over 25 years ago, the clinic provides patients with appropriate treatment for every spine condition ranging from non-invasive treatments to the full spectrum of the latest surgical techniques.

SpineCenterAtlanta’s fully equipped rehabilitation suite

For patients in between conservative therapy and surgical treatment, SpineCenterAtlanta provides IDD Therapy.

Tim Marlow, the COO & Director of Rehabilitation Services for SpineCenterAtlanta’s physical therapy division says:

“Many patients come to our clinic when they have exhausted all other options.  For some patients, surgery is the best solution for their condition, but whenever possible, we will exhaust the non-invasive treatment route first”.

Tim Harlow and Jody
Tim Marlow and Jody with their IDD Therapy licensed Accu SPINA

“IDD Therapy is used particularly for patients with disc issues such as a herniated disc.  We see excellent success rates.  For patients it is reassuring to know that we have the full range of physical therapy options and to know that we only proceed to invasive procedures including surgery, when it is absolutely necessary.”

SpineCentreAtlanta is located in North West Atlanta.

For more details visit or to talk to a member of staff about IDD Therapy call (404) 620 6409.


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