Sussex Back Pain Clinic – IDD Therapy going from strength to strength

Sussex Back Pain Clinic is a long-established and highly respected osteopathy clinic in Brighton and Hove.  In 2010 it joined the growing number of clinics in the UK to adopt IDD Therapy non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for its back pain and neck pain sufferers.

The clinic’s Director, Steve Morris developed an interest in IDD Therapy treatment having heard of the outcomes reported at other clinics in the UK including the Leominster Osteopathic Clinic and The Buckingham Clinic in Glasgow.

SDS SPINA at Sussex Back Pain Clinic

 “IDD Therapy really started to get my attention at the beginning of last year.  IDD addresses the problems of traditional traction by targeting treatment to isolated segments of the spine in a safe gentle manner. 

IDD was reportedly providing solutions for patients with chronic back pain and neck pain, particularly those with disc-related problems.

“We hear a lot about new treatments but I was fortunate in that I knew some of the providers and so understood that they were serious. 
With my own experience treating discs, IDD Therapy had real appeal and having converted one of our small treatment rooms we got our IDD machine in October 2010.”
As with all new treatments, there is a gradual increase of awareness when a clinic has something new to offer their patients.  Already Steve Morris has some exceptional outcomes to share with prospective patients.

IDD Therapy treatment for low back pain

After three years of dull low back pain and sciatica 43 year old Neil found little relief from standard manual therapies.

“I injured my back whilst doing some heavy lifting at work.  The dull pain in my lower back came on quite suddenly and soon I had shooting pains down my leg.  I could only walk for ten minutes without the pain becoming unbearable.  I am a keen surfer but I couldn’t even bend down to pick up my surfboard!”

MRI scan confirms large disc prolapse

Finally, an MRI scan revealed that Neil was suffering with a prolapsed disc.  Steve Morris decided to treat Neil with a programme of IDD Therapy.  Neil gained relief within days of treatment.

Sussex Back Pain Clinic is seeing these outcomes on a weekly basis and uses established research tools to track and record patient progress.
The experiences are by no means exceptional; with over 800 clinics worldwide, IDD has helped hundreds of thousands of back and neck pain sufferers worldwide.
Steve Morris is unequivocal in his praise for IDD:
“This treatment has such potential.  Without doubt, some of the outcomes seen with IDD Therapy could not have been achieved with any conservative treatment.  For many back pain sufferers IDD is a revelation, allowing them to finally reclaim their lives.
Sussex Back Pain Clinic holds “open sessions” every month for sufferers to learn about back pain and the treatment programmes offered at the clinic.  For more details please call the clinic on 01273 725667 or go to .

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