Spinex Disc Clinic opens second IDD Therapy location in Twickenham

Spinex Disc Clinic– the UK’s first dedicated spinal disc treatment clinic – has opened its second location in Twickenham, the homeland of English rugby.

Located within the Evolved Clinic and just two minutes from Twickenham station, this second location heralds the continuing success of IDD Therapy and why it is the fastest growing targeted disc treatment for back pain, neck pain and related symptoms such as sciatica.

The clinical director of Spinex Disc Clinics, Sally Lansdale says:
“As an experienced osteopath, I have been treating back pain for over 25 years.  I always treated patients with disc problems but I found that it sometimes took months to get them better just using osteopathic manual techniques.  When my own lumbar disc problem got me down I decided to look for alternative treatments.”

After hearing about IDD Therapy, Sally visited the UK’s first IDD Therapy treatment provider, the Buckingham Clinic in Glasgow for a programme of treatment.  She could immediately feel how IDD Therapy offered something more for herniated or ‘slipped’ discs which osteopathic treatment alone couldn’t do.  Suffice to say, her back pain was relieved.

Sally spent most of her career working in Herefordshire at Leominster Osteopaths – where she first introduced IDD Therapy to her patients.  She subsequently moved to London, setting up Spinex Disc Clinic at Edgware Road.

“It is hugely exciting to see the outcomes we are able to achieve with IDD Therapy.  Most of our patients have tried different manual therapy treatments but, like me, they need something more for their pain.  We are delighted to be able to bring IDD Therapy to Twickenham.”
Jonathan Grice, Clinical Director of the Evolved Clinic is equally excited:
“Working closely with Sally and the team, we now have a complete package of care for our patients.  We do see a lot of patients suffering with chronic pain at the clinic.  With IDD Therapy, we have an invaluable addition to our services which is particularly aimed at patients with disc problems and related conditions such as sciatica. ”

There are 21 IDD Therapy Disc Clinics in the UK and over one thousand internationally.  Over 36,000 treatments have been carried out in the UK alone.
For more information about Spinex Disc Clinic visit or to book an appointment at the Twickenham clinic, please call 020 3151 9161

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