Leading Coventry chiropractic clinic introduces IDD Therapy disc treatment

IDD Therapy at Central Chiropractic Clinic
Central Chiropractic Clinic has recently introduced IDD Therapy at its modern premises in Coventry.  Located in the heart of the city – a two minute walk from Coventry station – this leading multidisciplinary clinic is one of an upsurge of UK clinics now using the targeted spinal disc treatment.
Specialising in back pain, neck pain and associated symptoms such as nerve pain, Central Chiropractic is an established family-friendly clinic which has been helping the Coventry community for over 15 years.   

Principal chiropractor, Dr Maria Kibkalo says:  
“Since qualifying as a chiropractor in 1999, I’ve treated many patients with complex back conditions and although most have responded well to manual chiropractic treatment, there has always been a category of patients with ‘difficult’ disc problems – some of which have needed to be referred on for invasive treatments.  Now we have the luxury of IDD Therapy which treats specific spinal segments non-invasively.”
Maria and her team work with patients to find the cause of their pain and help to provide long-term solutions so that they can move forward with their lives without pain or disability.  The team is always keen to incorporate innovative treatments and new technology within their services to provide the best care for each individual. 
“Chiropractic treatment focuses on re-positioning the spine to establish mobility and relieve pain.  IDD Therapy makes perfect sense in chronic back and neck pain cases where what we do with our hands is not always enough.  IDD Therapy gives us that extra assistance in distracting and mobilising the spine – relieving irritation and pressure from discs and surrounding nerves – helping to create the right environment for the body to heal itself. 
The treatment programme is an invaluable means for us to improve the way we treat patients with unresolved disc problems.”
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