IDD Therapy patient Alex tells how the disc treatment has changed his life nine months on…

Nine months after his IDD Therapy treatment programme, former chronic back pain sufferer Alex is pain-free, playing golf and back at the gym lifting free weights – watch his video testimonial



Carpet-fitter Alex Robinson suffered with chronic back pain for six years which left him doubting if he would ever work again or enjoy playing golf and training at the gym.  A spinal surgeon told him that the disc degeneration in his lower back was so severe, he suspected he would never be able to lift weights again.


Physiotherapy and acupuncture failed to help Alex and after a particularly excruciating episode of pain which left him unable to move, he was carried into Enfield Osteopathic Clinic by his work colleague and the Clinic Director, John Yeboah.  After his first IDD Therapy session Alex was able to walk out of the clinic unaided.


Now, nine months after his treatment programme, Alex talks about how IDD Therapy changed his life for the better, improving not only his back but his general health, allowing him to work and enjoy sport without any pain.


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