IDD Therapy disc treatment comes to HFS Clinics, London

Premier City physiotherapy group, HFS Clinics have just taken charge of a shiny new AccuSPINA at their Aldgate premises.


With three London locations and a fourth in West Sussex, HFS have developed a unique programme of specialist physiotherapy, posture and movement rehabilitation.


Having followed the growth of IDD Therapy in the UK for several years, the group has now introduced this important addition to their back pain services.


160707 Nick Critchley with Stephen Small
Nick Critchley and Stephen celebrate the install

There’s a nice smile from Clinic Director Nick Critchley!   


He says:


“Far too often the treatment of spinal and sports injury simply focuses on people’s immediate symptoms and fails to really address the underlying issues that cause pain and injury in the first place.  As a result, we are seeing a growing number of patients with previously failed treatments as well as increasingly chronic problems.”


By decompressing and mobilising specific spinal segments, IDD Therapy gets to the root of the problem and forms part of a complete programme of non-invasive spinal care.


IDD Therapy at HFS Clinics Sally with patient
IDD trainer Sally Lansdale demos a treatment


For more info, call HFS on 020 7702 1112 or go to:


CLICK HERE  to download an IDD Therapy Clinician Information Pack

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