Naval Mair Osteopathy Wandsworth – Latest IDD Therapy Disc Clinic: An Install of Epic Proportions!

The team at Naval Mair Osteopathy proudly welcomed their new  SPINA machine at their historical premises in Wandsworth recently.

The Disc Clinic Network’s latest recruits provided a logistical head-scratch for our install team with a three and a half metre high mezzanine to pole vault over at The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building.

We just LOVE a challenge…

Royal Victoria PAtriotic Building
The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building: Wow!


Naval Mair Osteopaths IDD install 4
From You to Me… Me to You…










Naval Mair Osteopaths IDD install 3
No Sweat! They call it the Lift Genie…











Naval Mair Osteopaths IDD install - whatever it takes
Rodney… Mind that chandelier..!













On a more serious note, the completion of this latest IDD Therapy install sees the UK Disc Clinic Network expansion go from strength to strength.  Naval Mair is a highly experienced osteopath with a dedicated and passionate team.

Naval says:

“As an Osteopath for over 20 years, I’m passionate about hands on treatment -but for some chronic back and neck pain patients, I need a tool to really help me progress with their treatment.  IDD Therapy allows me to “decompress” or ease pressure on specific spinal discs and improve mobility in a way that is just not possible with hands-alone therapies. 

 We use IDD Therapy as a part of a programme of care which helps create a platform for long term healing and which includes tailored rehabilitation.  Whilst no treatment has 100% success, the outcomes with IDD Therapy for disc-related problems are impressive, particularly given the difficult nature of some of the conditions we are treating.”

We wish Naval and the team every success and we will be supporting them all the way.

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About the Author:Stephen Small