The IDD Therapy Conference: It’s All About the Disc

UK spinal experts came together at the second IDD Therapy Provider Conference held in London recently.


Craig Mortimer David Williams Steve Small
IDD Provider Craig Mortimer with IDD Therapy UK Directors David Williams & Stephen Small

The event was another unique opportunity for practitioners in the UK’s  IDD Therapy Disc Clinic Network to share their practical knowledge and experience of the targeted disc treatment which is helping chronic back and neck pain patients back to health non-invasively.

Two years after the first gathering in 2014, the UK network has trebled in number with spinal surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors championing the treatment programme.

Developed to address the failings of traditional traction, IDD Therapy allows clinicians to gently decompress and mobilise targeted spinal segments in a longitudinal plain.  Computer-controlled forces directed at precise angles can distract vertebral discs from between 5 and 7mm – with significant therapeutic implications for herniated disc and sciatica patients.

Audience shot of Steve Small's presentation cropped
Stephen Small presents a packed programme

After rousing introductions by IDD Therapy UK Directors, David Williams and Stephen Small, the morning session focused on patient outcome analysis with clinicians sharing their IDD experiences and highlighting individual case studies.

On a wider scale, patient audits revealed a clinical improvement in up to 84% of chronic disc patients – patients for whom manual treatments and /or injections had previously failed.

Pic of IDD panel
The Expert Panel L to R: Robert Shanks,  James Sneddon, Rob Ralston & Steve Morris

Later, a panel of experienced IDD specialists including Steve Morris, Robert Shanks, Rob Ralston and IDD Therapy UK’s original pioneer, James Sneddon fielded pathology and treatment considerations.

James introduced IDD Therapy at Glasgow’s Buckingham Clinic in 2008.  With two AccuSPINA machines the team runs a very successful disc programme:

  “We find IDD Therapy most helpful for the prolapsed disc cases which haven’t responded to a range of treatments and where surgery might be the usual step.  We bought a second machine – I guess you don’t buy a second one if you don’t see that the first one is doing its job!”


Chris Hanson Lee Petrucci Phil Heler
IDD Therapy specialists Chris Hanson,           Lee Petrucci & Phil Heler swap notes

Animated discussions on Marketing and Clinic Development followed, highlighting the effectiveness of patient engagement and best practice processes.   Business coach, Celia Champion from Painless Practice presented practical advice in an eye-opening talk entitled: Transforming Your Clinic  – Plodding or Rocking?


Dan Smith and Sally Lansdale
Dan Smith & Sally Lansdale take five after          presenting illuminating patient audits

Delegates left the conference enthusing about the day’s events.  One of IDD Therapy’s early adopters, Robert Shanks of Spine Plus Clinics leads three IDD Therapy teams in London, Essex and Birmingham.  He said:

“This is my fifth year as an IDD Therapy provider and my success has inspired me to open a third IDD location recently. It’s great for the practitioners in the Disc Clinic network to share our experiences, learn from the best and develop a treatment approach as a collective. Today has been positive and inspiring yet again…and an endorsement of IDD Therapy’s key position in non-invasive spinal care.”


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