My back pain was so crippling I vomited with the agony… Now I’m pain-free and back at work thanks to IDD Therapy

Chris Scott from Essex was used to travelling internationally in his role as Managing Director of a global logistics company.  However, his life halted dramatically when the back pain he’d been managing for years finally got the better of him.

54 year old Chris explains:

160129 IDD patient Chris Scott with physio Scott
    Chris with IDD Therapy technician Scott

“I’d suffered on an off with back pain and grinding sciatica in my leg for about ten years but last September my back ‘just went’ and I was completely incapacitated.”

Chris couldn’t walk, sleep or drive so had to take time off work which was devastating for him.

“I couldn’t even sit down for long and only slept a couple of hours a night.  I needed painkillers and heat pads to get me through each day. It got to the point where I was vomiting with the pain; I honestly thought I was going to suffer like that for the rest of my life..”

Chris tried various manual treatments but none gave him any lasting relief.  When an MRI scan finally revealed that he had three herniated discs, his osteopath wasn’t able to treat him any longer as the damage was too severe; he suggested he try IDD Therapy with Dan Smith at Sports and Spinal Physio in Hutton.

160129 IDD Therapy treatment at Sports & Spinal Physio - Chris Scott
  Chris relaxes during an IDD Therapy session

“I finished my treatment programme a few weeks ago and I’m feeling incredible; I’ve got no pain whatsoever and I’m able to walk my dog, drive long distances, ride my motorcycle and sleep without waking at all. I’m back at work too which means travelling abroad on long-haul flights again.

I can’t explain how thankful I am to have found Dan and IDD Therapy..I’ve truly been given my life back.”

Clinic Director Dan Smith says:

“When Chris came to me he was in a pretty bad way with one of the worst herniated disc conditions I’ve ever seen.  He’s made an exceptional improvement with the programme and got his life completely back to normal.

IDD Therapy is an invaluable part of our back pain services, finally allowing us to treat ‘difficult’ disc patients non-invasively.”

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