Chronic back pain suffer explains how IDD Therapy has given her “a new lease of life”

For several years, chronic back pain sufferer, Francoise had been plagued by problems with her lumbar spine.

She’d tried manual therapy and had been an osteopathic patient of John Yeboah‘s at Enfield Osteopathic Clinic for two years.  The osteopathy treatment gave her temporary relief but the episodes of pain and immobility kept returning:

“The problem would reappear, triggered by various things..even just bending down or sitting for too long.  I felt it was gradually getting worse and I didn’t really know what the future held.”

When Francoise had a bout of back pain recently, John suggested that she try IDD Therapy, a new addition to his back pain services since she last visited him.

“After eight sessions, I feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life.. the feeling of stiffness in my back has’s loosened up and I can move again.”

Click on the image below to hear Francoise’s story:


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About the Author:Stephen Small