Buxton Osteopathy Clinic puts Derbyshire on the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic Map

Last week, Buxton Osteopathy Clinic became the UK’s 28th IDD Therapy Disc Clinic, welcoming its new AccuSPINA in from the US.


lr Stephen Small with Phil Heler at Buxton Osteopathy Clinic
IDD Therapy UKs Stephen Small with Phil Heler

For Clinic Director Phil Heler this was a moment he’d been anticipating for over two years.

“I knew that it was just a matter of time before IDD Therapy would become part of our back pain services here in Buxton.

I’d followed the treatment’s success and talked to other clinicians about their patient outcomes; I was impressed.  IDD Therapy just makes perfect sense within our non-invasive, holistic approach.”

Phil has practised in Sheffield and Derbyshire for 11 years, establishing Buxton Osteopathy Clinic in December 2008 and Bakewell Osteopathic Clinic in 2013. During this time, he has seen many challenging spinal conditions:

“As osteopaths, we help to resolve back pain issues on a daily basis.  And yet there is a group of patients who just don’t respond to manual therapy.  Before the arrival of IDD Therapy we may have referred these patients on for injections or even surgery – but now we are able to get them out of pain and back to their normal daily activities.”

If you have a back pain or neck pain issue, symptoms in the legs or arms, call Buxton Osteopathy Clinic on  01298 214994

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