Research confirms steroid injections are not a long-term back pain solution, so what to do?

A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine* confirms that steroid injections can only give temporary relief to sufferers of low back pain and sciatica.

Research at University Hospitals Paris showed that a single glucocorticoid injection given to patients with active lumbar discopathy reduced their lower back pain within a month.

Montenegro – Hipokrat MRI Centre introduces IDD Therapy Disc Treatment into the Balkans

The Hipokrat clinic in Podgorica, Montenegro is proud to be the first clinic in the Balkans to provide IDD Therapy for their patients.

This state of the art clinic in the Montenegrin capital provides MRI and diagnostic services. Hipokrat (Hippocrates) has since expanded to offer a complete spine service and with a need to do more for disc-related issues,

Nigeria – UK physio brings IDD Therapy back pain treatment to world class physio clinic in Enugu

Last week I had the honour to install the first Accu SPINA in Nigeria.  Astella Physiotherapy Clinics is the realisation of a dream of Nigerian born physiotherapist Chike Chuka.

Having lived in the UK for 30 years working for the British Army in the former West Germany, West Ham United and various NHS and private physiotherapy roles,

Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants – Latest IDD Therapy Disc Clinic in Essex

For chronic back pain sufferers in Essex, there is good news as another leading physiotherapy clinic joins the ranks of IDD Therapy treatment providers.

Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants (formerly Elaine Atkins Physiotherapy) is based in Woodford, Essex, just off the main north circular road in London.

Neil Velleman tries out the Accu SPINA.

IDD Therapy Cyrpus

Physiotherapy Cyprus embracing IDD Therapy Disc Treatment for the first time

When Nicky Stavrou, a respected physiotherapist from Nicosia, Cyrpus, first heard a surgeon talking about herniated disc treatment with IDD Therapy, her ears pricked up.

An occasional user of mechanical traction to treat back pain, the ability to focus and deliver treatment more precisely and comfortably whilst combining decompression with spinal mobilisation held great appeal.