Montenegro – Hipokrat MRI Centre introduces IDD Therapy Disc Treatment into the Balkans

The Hipokrat clinic in Podgorica, Montenegro is proud to be the first clinic in the Balkans to provide IDD Therapy for their patients.

Hipokrat clinical team preparing a patient for IDD Therapy
Hipokrat clinical team preparing a patient for IDD Therapy disc treatment

This state of the art clinic in the Montenegrin capital provides MRI and diagnostic services. Hipokrat (Hippocrates) has since expanded to offer a complete spine service and with a need to do more for disc-related issues, it has been a natural progression for the clinic to introduce IDD Therapy Disc Treatment and the Accu SPINA machine.

IDD Therapy enables the clinical team to treat specific spinal segments and focus treatment to a bulging/herniated disc.  By decompressing targeted discs and gently mobilising the soft tissues, IDD Therapy enables practitioners to reduce pain and progressively improve mobility as part of a holistic programme of care.

The Hipokrat clinic  provides rapid diagnosis and offers a wide variety of treatments for acute and chronic back pain including the IDD Therapy treatment for herniated and bulging discs, sciatic and facet syndrome.

Accu SPINA and IDD Therapy technology now in Montenegro
Accu SPINA and IDD Therapy technology now in Podgorica, Montenegro

The Accu SPINA which provides IDD Therapy is FDA cleared, CE marked and has been cleared by the National Commission for Medical devices, Montenegro.

The highly experienced and caring staff are excited and look forward to helping more patients, patients who live in pain whilst caught between manual therapy and invasive procedures.

The Hipokrat clinic is open from 08:00hrs to 18:00hrs.  For more information visit or to book call 067822822 (int’l: +382 (0)67822822 ).

About the Author:Stephen Small