Physio clinic in Brentwood : Clinic Director Dan Smith talks IDD Therapy and hear Roy describe how IDD Therapy helped his back pain

We received a couple of really interesting videos from Sports and Spinal Physio, a leading physio clinic in Brentwood.

In the first one, Clinic Director Dan Smith explains who IDD Therapy is for and how it works.

In the second video, Dan talks to Roy, a gentleman suffering spinal stenosis leaving him with “terrible”

Edinburgh Back Pain Clinic Helps Gail Avoid Neck Surgery with IDD Therapy

Here’s an inspiring story from Edinburgh.  Thanks to Gail for sharing and for the great work carried out by Daniel, Lorenz and the team at Move Freely Sports + Spine.

We think BUPA might like to thank Gail also, because after two years of neck pain, BUPA was willing to pay for neck surgery,

London Spine Clinic Now Offers IDD Therapy PLUS in situ video of Nigel Gildersleve having treatment on the Accu SPINA

“The freedom of movement now is unbelievable”  That’s how Osteopath Nigel Gildersleve of the London Spine Clinic describes life after IDD Therapy.  Hear Nigel talk about why The London Spine Clinic in Harley Street London is the latest to join the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic network.

The London Spine Clinic provides the full spectrum of spine services,

Is IDD Therapy really changing spine care? Really?? Stephen Small discusses (short video included).

There has been no hype surrounding the emergence of IDD Therapy.  No fireworks, no huge cocktail parties at prestigious academic institutions.  Just a quiet, steady growth as more clinics adopt the treatment and join the Disc Clinic network.

In this video I talk about changing spine care and where IDD Therapy fits.

There are miracles and revolutions published every week in certain national newspapers.