IDD Therapy Treatment Prices

In private clinics, IDD Therapy treatment is provided by physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics.  Treatment is typically charged as a one hour session at a rate equivalent to or less than two half hour manual therapy treatments.

In the UK, the price of each IDD Therapy session is £70 to £75 depending on the treatment programme.

Patient story – “From 8 pain killers a day to no pain killers.” IDD Therapy at Active Therapy Clinic

This story was shared by physiotherapist David Ede of Active Therapy Clinic in Cirencester.  Patient Chris describes what IDD Therapy has done for his sciatica.


Active Therapy is an osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic where David Ede is lead physiotherapist and Stephen Haynes is the head osteopath.

The clinic provides a spectrum of services including IDD Therapy for unresolved disc and sciatica problems. 

Sciatica Treatment Options: Berkhamsted Osteopath Tim Hanwell shares his experience and advice for relieving sciatica

Tim Hanwell is an Osteopath and Clinical Director of Berkhamsted Osteopaths in Hertfordshire.  Tim knows all about sciatica from personal experience so he is very well qualified to know how fellow sufferers may be feeling.  In this article Tim shares his experience and reassurances.

“As an osteopath who has suffered with sciatica I can confirm it is one of the most unpleasant pains I have had the misfortune to experience!;

Wealden Osteopaths & Spine Centre – Back Pain Success Story

James Pickering is the Clinical Director at Wealden Osteopaths & Spine Centre in Goudhurst, Kent.  He has been providing IDD Therapy at his clinic for two years and seen some inspiring success stories.

Here is a recent recording of one of his patients, who had been unable to work due to back pain and sciatica,