Study finds non-surgical back pain treatment may promote cellular healing and achieve higher success rates due to patented oscillation feature

Delighted to share a news release about an interesting study just published, looking at the mechanisms of the patented oscillation component of IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression under fluoroscopy.

Active oscillatory signaling introduced during the high-tension period of decompression treatment may lead to higher levels of self-healing through improved tissue repair and uniform separation of the vertebrae. 

Reducing The Back Pain Burden On Primary Care With IDD Therapy.

The opioid crisis highlighted the dangers from over-prescribing pain medications for back pain and has raised consciousness amongst health care professionals of the need and desirability to consider alternatives.

Doctors are at the front line of spinal pain with 7% of GP consultations in the UK being for lower back pain. Most back pain can be managed holistically with medication,

Isle of Man! IDD Therapy at Align 4 Life

Good news for the residents of the Isle of Man! IDD Therapy spinal decompression is now available in Douglas at Align 4 Life.

Led by Dr Neil Thompson (right), Align 4 Life is a leading chiropractic clinic in Douglas with a passionate team and fantastic rehab programmes.

Team training, measuring target angles for L5S1

A quick explainer video

Quite the journey,