Two More Accu SPINA – install at clinic in Be’er Sheva Israel

Yesterday we did a double Accu SPINA install in Be’er Sheva Israel.  There is quite a story here.  Huge shout out to Simeon Niel Asher who was the first IDD Therapy provider in London. 

Simeon moved to Israel some years ago, imported the first IDD system to Israel for his clinic and then helped Osteopath Igor Monastirski get his first machine. 

And now Igor, having built an extension for his clinic, ordered not one but TWO new Accu SPINA systems.   Those machines were crated, shipped from the factory and arrived in Israel.  I packed my suitcase on the 7th October to get my flight to Tel Aviv to install … and then cancelled.
A month later and with a zoom link to support, the guys led by Simeon set up the two machines pending inspection.  
It is a significant undertaking and whilst ‘being proud’ has become a bit of well worn cliché, we can only be proud of the achievements, ambitions and confidence these guys have not only put into IDD Therapy but continuing to treat their patients.
Having started with one system, Igor now has three Accu SPINA.  We wish Igor every success with the new clinic, which is close to completion and will be a dedicated non-surgical spine treatment centre with IDD Therapy at its core.  

About the Author:Stephen Small