Is IDD Therapy really changing spine care? Really?? Stephen Small discusses (short video included).

There has been no hype surrounding the emergence of IDD Therapy.  No fireworks, no huge cocktail parties at prestigious academic institutions.  Just a quiet, steady growth as more clinics adopt the treatment and join the Disc Clinic network.

In this video I talk about changing spine care and where IDD Therapy fits.

There are miracles and revolutions published every week in certain national newspapers.

But when it comes to IDD Therapy, if anything I tend to downplay its success. Certainly no talk of miracles and revolutions because let’s face it, that kind of talk is just … well, you know!

But the reality is IDD Therapy is changing spine care.

There are some people who will raise their eyebrows at that, some will smirk and a few will start shaking in indignant outrage at the audacity of such a claim!

I first came in to contact with IDD around 10 years ago. When I first started talking about IDD I ran into a brick wall. “IDD is traction” “Traction doesn’t work”, “Too expensive” “Not enough evidence” etc

I confess that throughout my “journey” (yes it’s been a journey!) with IDD, I have questioned myself along the way. But at every step of that journey the clinicians using IDD, all sane experienced practitioners who don’t want to waste their money or ruin their reputations, have continued to endorse the success of the treatment, some have opened more clinics with IDD.

The point I come back to is that IDD Therapy achieves excellent outcomes, and these outcomes are for a cohort of patients who HAVEN’T responded to anything else.

That is what makes IDD Therapy so exciting and so full of even more promise for the future.

We have a framework of care which works for many people. And then we refine. There are so many variables and I believe it is unrealistic to think that it is possible to find a one size fits all approach for back pain which fully stands up to the rigours of academic scrutiny.

IDD Therapy is a powerful tool within a framework of care. It provides a high degree of adaptability whilst being duplicable and measurable. Alongside that in the holistic programme is manual therapy, tailored exercise, CBT (or just talking and listening to a patient in many cases for longer than a few minutes).

With this approach providers using IDD Therapy are changing lives of patients and expanding their scope of practice.

Miracles, revolutions? Maybe. Paradigm Shift? by pure definition, yes. Changing Spine Care? 100%.

Not sure? Sceptical? Then make contact with your nearest IDD Therapy Disc Clinic and go and try the treatment.  They have an open door policy and will be happy to show you the treatment.

Or for more details contact me at stephen.small @

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