Physiotherapy Clinic Croydon – Lisa’s heart warming video thank you for IDD Therapy at Back In Shape

The genuine gratitude expressed by back pain sufferer Lisa is incredibly touching.  Before IDD Therapy at Back In Shape Croydon, Lisa describes how people could barely understand her because she was taking so much medication to cope with her pain.

Back In Shape is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Croydon owned by Anthony and Karen Padgett.

Joyful story from back pain sufferer Ben in Nigeria after his IDD Therapy at Astella Physiotherapy Clinic

IDD Therapy Nigeria – Heart warming story from Ben who could barely walk before he underwent a programme of IDD Therapy Disc Treatment at Astella Physiotherapy Clinic with Chike Chuka.

It brings real joy to see when someone struggling with back pain gets relief from their debilitating condition.

Chike Chuka who is the clinic director of Astella Physiotherapy Clinic in Enugu says:

“Seeing people like Ben make a breakthrough gives me immense professional satisfaction and motivates me to want to help more people.  

Best Back Pain Treatment In Nigeria At Astella Physiotherapy, Enugu

Another nice back pain video from Astella Physiotherapy Clinic In Enugu, Nigeria.

Having had IDD Therapy at his purpose built clinic since 2015, Chike Chuka is making waves in the realm of back pain treatment in Nigeria.  Combining IDD Therapy with certain manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation, he now has patients coming from all over the country.

Video – 78 Year Old Barry explains how IDD Therapy helped his degenerative disc disease

In this video 78 year old Barry talks about his experience of IDD Therapy to help his chronic back pain caused in part by degenerative disc disease.

Barry had IDD Therapy with John Yeboah of Enfield Osteopathic Clinic.

IDD Therapy gets most of its headlines for herniated / bulging discs, with sciatica and patients can experience pain relief with short courses of treatment.