Herniated Disc Treatment Helping Back Pain Sufferers in Croydon and Greater London – IDD Therapy

A leading osteopathic clinic in Croydon has been providing a new treatment for back pain and neck pain since the summer of 2013.
IDD Therapy is the non-surgical spinal decompression treatment which provides a targeted treatment to help unresolved conditions, notably where there is a disc-related condition such as a herniated disc (commonly referred to as a ‘slipped disc’) and sciatica. 
The Osteopathic Clinic of Physical Medicine in Croydon is led by clinic director Paul Morrissey.  Paul has pioneered new treatments in the UK and was amongst the first to introduce Shock Wave, as well as establishing a fully equipped pilates centre.
Paul is part of a network of UK IDD Therapy providers and says:
“For several years I watched with great interest the developments in IDD Therapy non-surgical spinal decompression.
After experiencing the treatment for myself and hearing the positive experiences of other UK clinicians and their patients, I was keen to introduce the IDD Therapy programme at our clinic.
IDD Therapy helps patients suffering with persistent back or neck pain who are not making improvement with manual therapy alone. There is no such thing as a cure-all for back pain, but the IDD Therapy treatment programme offers real opportunities for patients who need something more their pain.”
Whether you have simple back pain or a complex condition, with Paul and his dedicated team, patients can be assured of being in safe hands.  For more details visit to check your suitability for treatment call Croydon 020 8662 1155.
For more information about IDD Therapy treatment in general, visit .

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