Bury Chiropractic Centre brings IDD Therapy to Lancashire!

There is a saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way.” This applies perfectly to chiropractors Wendy Davis and Alicia Leontieff of Bury Chiropractic.

Keen to do more for certain back and neck pain sufferers, owners Alicia and Wendy had decided they needed to bring IDD Therapy spinal decompression to their expanding clinic in Bury.

However, there was no space to put an Accu SPINA (IDD machine)! Fortunately with a can do attitude, the duo and their team started looking at ways to change things around a little.

So with a little creativity and a handy builder, they rearranged some storage, added a door, divided a large treatment room and all of a sudden there was space for an Accu SPINA and voilà!

Oh and to get the machine up the stairs and into the treatment room, the carpenter whipped out a banister on the stairs and hey presto, the IDD room was ready for action!

Andris with Wendy of Bury Chiropractic Centre

It is fantastic to have Bury Chiropractic in the global network of IDD Therapy providers and they are already seeing how it is providing help to an under-served population of back pain sufferers.

For appointments or more information about IDD Therapy in Bury, contact:

Bury Chiropractic Centre
Exchange House
39 Knowsley Street

Tel: 0161 763 1700

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About the Author:Stephen Small