Video – Treating a disc bulge and sciatica in 2016 with IDD Therapy

A great video showing how a lady suffering with chronic pain and a disc bulge found relief with IDD Therapy when other treatments failed.


Whilst doctors and clinicians often talk about a “disc bulge”, it may not be the disc itself which is the problem.

When we see a disc bulge on an MRI, there is a tendency to think “aha, there is your problem!”  It is well documented that healthy people with no pain are walking around with large disc bulges, often at multiple levels.  It is therefore difficult to determine with 100% certainty that the pain originates at the disc.

However, patients in pain with a confirmed disc bulge usually have other functional problems.  That can include a loss of mobility in the spinal segment for a variety of reasons meaning that the disc and surrounding joints are compressed.

A key goal of IDD Therapy is to restore movement in the spine so that the body’s natural healing mechanisms can operate efficiently.

In addition, clinicians look at movement of the whole body.

If there is pain or impaired movement for some mechanical reason, this can cause back pain or neck pain.  By addressing these issues simultaneously, IDD Therapy providers treat the body as a whole whilst giving special attention to restoring function in the injured spinal segments.  This is often the site of the bulging disc.

If you are reading this and have a “bulging disc”, your supervising clinician should also be looking at overall function in your spine and body.

If you would like to discuss your problem with an IDD Therapy provider, use the Clinic Finder on this site to locate your nearest Disc Clinic.


About the Author:Stephen Small