Low back pain treatment: IDD Therapy’s two years of success at The Buckingham Clinic

The Buckingham Clinic in Glasgow was the first clinic in Scotland to embrace IDD Therapy non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for their back pain and neck pain patients.

Two Accu SPINA at The Buckingham Clinic

Led by James Sneddon and with a passionate physiotherapy team, the Buckingham Clinic has had a specialised programme of back pain treatment for nearly two and a half years now and this growing success story is now pricking up the ears of back pain clinics around the UK.
Incorporating IDD Therapy at his clinic in September 2008, James recalls:
“I did so much research on IDD non-surgical spinal decompression before I started.  The treatment had been achieving extraordinary results for pain sufferers in the US since 2001: I had no doubt that IDD could be of great benefit to my patients.

Relaxed patient enjoying IDD Therapy treatment

 Over the years we have treated thousands of people at the clinic with back pain and neck pain however when it came to patients with disc problems such as herniated disc (disc prolapsed/bulging discs/slipped disc), we didn’t yet have the tools to get the sort of results we would have liked. 

IDD Therapy ticked every box for the needs of those disc patients and I felt enough confidence in the treatment to take the plunge and buy my own IDD machine.”
Whilst IDD Therapy raised some eyebrows amongst their colleagues, such was the clinic’s success that after just six months, James invested in a second IDD machine. 
IDD for Neck Pain: Safe, controlled, targeted

“It’s fair to say that IDD Therapy has been life-changing for many of our patients.” says James.

“We’ve carried out over 4,000 treatments with IDD Therapy.  Most patients who come to us for the programme have a problem which includes a disc-related issue.  Typically, they have had pain for longer than three months and not been responding to standard manual therapy.  IDD has been a revelation for most of them, allowing them to live a pain-free life again.” (read some IDD testimonials)
Now, with its two Accu SPINA IDD machines, The Buckingham Clinic has a programme of physiotherapy incorporating IDD Therapy and core and lumbar strengthening.  IDD Therapy gently draws apart vertebrae at a targeted spinal level to decompress the disc. 
The computer controlled treatment uses precise angles to treat specific segments and gently mobilises the disc and supporting muscles and ligaments to improve mobility. 

The Buckingham Clinic uses standard research evaluation tools including the Oswestry Disability Index and VAS as part of a commitment to evidence-based medicine. 

Buckingham Clinic chartered physiotherapist, David Brogan says:
“IDD Therapy is a vital part of the mix.  Non-surgical spinal decompression does what traditional traction could only dream of.  We incorporate it as part of a specialised programme which is tailored to each patient according to their needs. 
There is no such thing as a cure-all however the results we have achieved for so many of our patients are far superior to anything we were able to do before we had the IDD machine.”

Post IDD specialist lumbar and core strengthening

 Since developing the spinal rehabilitation programme, on the recommendation of Steadfast The Buckingham Clinic has further upgraded their treatment programmes with a specialist lumbar and core strengthening gym from the US which is available to patients as part of the long-term rehabilitation.  Again, they are the first osteopathy clinic or physiotherapy clinic in Scotland to use this equipment.

The majority of patients who visit The Buckingham Clinic come from the Strathclyde and Lanarkshire area, although as the only provider so far in Scotland, a growing number of patients travel and stay at one of the convenient local hotels to give themselves the opportunity to do something
 more for their pain.
To find out more about help for back pain or neck pain in Glasgow, call The Buckingham Clinic on 0141 339 4340 or visit

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