IDD Therapy helps lady with back pain, sciatica and a numb toe at SpinePlus Chigwell

Spine Plus have a network of back pain clinics in Essex and London. A patient wanted to share her experience of how IDD Therapy helped resolve her chronic pain very quickly.

Sometimes, people with back pain and sciatica can get pain relief very quickly with IDD Therapy spinal decompression. 

As a treatment tool, clinicians use IDD Therapy when they need something more than what can be achieved with their hands.

Spine Plus have a number of clinics and provide programmes of treatment. This example is an illustration of the mechanisms of how IDD Therapy can bring about relief. 

It is important to note that whilst some patients can sometimes experience pain relief quickly, long term issues need a programme of care, with rehab to bring about changes in the tissues. 

That is why some back pain sufferers are in and out of pain when they stop treatment when symptoms seem to finish.  This video shows how IDD Therapy can bring about change for patients.

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About the Author:Stephen Small