IDD Therapy Disc Clinic in Penang, Malaysia – Welcome!

I received a few pictures from the install team who were out in Malaysia last week.

This is the latest IDD Therapy Disc Clinic in Penang. 

Lumbar treatment targeting the L4L5 area
Setting up the Accu SPINA machine.
Cervical treatment – relaxing, gentle and effective

When you walk around, do you notice the number of people with wireless white earphones. 

Or if you cast your mind back a bit further, do you remember when you first started to see white headphones which heralded the arrival of the ipod?

Your subconscious probably saw the first few and then before you knew it, it seemed that everyone was wearing them!

As I meet people, they often tell me, I am seeing more things about IDD Therapy. 

It’s like the ipod effect.

The reality is that as more clinics become Disc Clinics, the more patients and practitioners will become aware of IDD Therapy.

Great to have new IDD family members around the world and we welcome the team in Penang. #changingspinecare

About the Author:Stephen Small